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Post  M. Smith on Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:07 pm

I'm Mica; and to repeat the qualifier I always use when introducing myself online, I'm a girl.

This is my third year at Western but I already have more than enough credits to graduate. I wish they'd just drop the pretense and hand me my diploma already. Just kidding, I'm a little more humble than that. I study chemistry and physics, but my passion outside of practicality is writing. I've been making up stories as long as I can remember. I love creating imaginary worlds and peopling them with weirdos. For this reason I'm a big fan of fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi, but I also write poetry when I'm lazy.

I'm one of those school-oriented people--I don't do much beyond homework and research in my advisor's lab. I hate working unless it's on something that interests me and that's why I have to go into science. I live in a house with two friends and two strangers, one of whom I will complain about for hours if you prompt me (no exaggeration). I'm really quite good at complaining. I like books, dreams, and cats more than I like most people. I also love food and am a third-degree chocoholic.

That's all I'm going to blather about for now. Direct any questions or comments to your local chamber of commerce.

M. Smith

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Re: This title has 29 characters.

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:14 pm

Hola! Thanks for joining, etc, standard greeting message goes here

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