A One Word Poem

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A One Word Poem

Post  M. Smith on Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:18 pm

This poem is kind of an ongoing project--I doubt it will ever be finished because there's just too much to learn about this single word.


A ONE WORD POEM (unfinished)

Not because of the brevity of your syllable
Do you strike me as lyrically sincere.
Toss out the word
To wrangle with the air
Like a dove over flooded waters—
—and I’ll catch it in my heart-shaped palm.
Not the loveliness of the word
So much as its meek delicacy
Disgustingly vulnerable
To matters of betrayal and second thoughts;
Its smooth, blithe face
Pale as milk in a morning pail
Unrippled by fear, bleak reality,
The fateful message in a bottle.
Sifting through sand for a decade,
It will emerge as shining-new.
Blown into life in a moment,
It will shatter like heated glass.
Overturns nations
And wilts the final petal on a rose.

Not because of the oneness of your name
Do you melt all other words.
Wrenched away from
Half-unwilling lips
You bring two anxious hearts together
And cut a million others apart.
You live a furtive life in sweet-smelling paper
But proclaim your power behind the safe wall
Of fiction.
The word itself sends a message,
A statement of identity.
It is too dangerous to speak out loud.

Not because you roll smooth with the tongue
Do you slide across a sticky situation.
Snagged up in the shock
Of a confession—
You hang like a fog over a room.

M. Smith

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