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A little change

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:20 am

Since I'm not a student at Western we can't very well have any meetings there. I assume some failure or oversight at the AS Clubs has prevented them from removing my club from their list, but no matter, we shall live on. I've decided to turn the Poetry, Essays, and Novella Society into an Intranational Writers Group.

What this means: The entirety of our activities will be online, unless you so choose to meet up and do something on your own, which i wholeheartedly approve. As has been the norm, each person will have a forum in their own name for them to share their works and receive feedback. You will also be the mod of your own forum so that you can edit/delete/etc whatever you want. Consider it your own writer's desk.

What you need to do: 1st. Read the registration rules under the announcement section. Make sure that you've followed all the guidelines/rules and note that they are subject to change without warning or notice. 2nd. Be active. Continue to be a part of this community by posting and sharing works regularly so that we can grow to truly be a Pen Society. 3rd. Bring more people! If you know and meet writers in your many journeys actively recruit them. I won't turn down anyone as long as they have a passion for writing; they can be part of the Pen Society.

Expect some changes to the site in the next few days as I get around to it. When we become large enough I will be looking for people to help handle the load of creating new forums for new people and all that work and I'll especially be looking for people who have used and dealt with phpbb forums.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you stick around with us for the foreseeable future and help make the Pen Society exactly that, a group for writers to talk about, share, and love writing.

President of the Poetry, Essays, and Novella Society,
Tyler Rey Coghill

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