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Senor Tyler

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:54 am

Hi! Me llamo Tyler! President/Founder/King/Overlord/Supreme Commander of the Poetry, Essays, and Novella Society. I think it wasn't until 11th grade that I really started writing and wasn't till my senior year that I took writing seriously. Since then I've been bustin' rhymes like it's going out of style, and hopefully, for a while, it won't.

I mostly write poems but I've been known to spit out a few short stories and have plenty of ideals for novels. I've had two poems published and hoping to multiply that a thousand fold.

When i'm not busy writing I'm usually reading, eatin', smokin The Duke (My pipe), and doing anything to avoid actually studying. I plan on being a Linguistics Major and doing nothing useful with my life after college. Unfortunately, as we all know, plans oft have a way of falling apart...

Your friend,
May the Force be with you

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