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My Band-Aid

Post  daltona3 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:33 am

My Band-Aid

I don’t know what you are.
My teeth clang in fury at the becoming of my fears
Yet when somber whispers trace my ears
I know I’ve found some truth, it’s clear:

These words so simple
They prickle but never sting
Like the pang of the plywood and its solid heartstring
That slices my innards day by day
It’s that evil little paper cut that won’t go away.

And your voice is my band-aid.
It steals my grimace away with its gentle grace
And humbles the lacerations scarring my face
They fade, with one expansive smile left in their place.

It is a song that I sing and feel whole once again
The placid streams of tears withstand the sins of men.
I am weak in that, I must decree, that without you
I could not be,
The simplicity that is what I have come to guarantee
That in you… I just don’t know. But this is what I see:


I wrote this last year? Interested to hear any opinions on it. I'm not sure I like the line, "i could not be," but it's short and flows fine, I just don't like the idea of lacking a person being the be all / end all of existence type thing. PLUS, it doesn't quite fit with the metaphor. Band-aids are in fact removable. I could say, "could not heal properly," which goes with ryhme scheme i'm working in... but messes up flow.

My sleeping shcedule is so messed up right now I'm out of my mind.
Wishing you a peaceful rest of finals week-

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